Doctor Strange

Just recently I watched Marvel’s Doctor Strange and I have to say the graphics were exceptional and the storyline was good. Doctor Strange is about a Neurosurgeon named Stephen Strange and to start he is this arrogant rich doctor and all he cares about is being on the cover of every magazine, but a car crash robs him of that career and so he seeks healing in all practices of medicine, but when that fails him he finally looks to the mystical arts. And what he finds is a lady named The Ancient One, and so Dr. Stephen Strange is thrust into this whole new world of magic. He learns that this order is constantly battling the forces of The Dark Dimension to protect Earth but when the monasteries are attacked he must assume a new role as Sorcerer Supreme….. You’ll have to watch it to find out the rest.

I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars, and I recommend this movie for ages 13 and up.