Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows was a 4 out of 5 stars movie simply because it didnt grab you and make you want to keep watching it, however the graphics were very good and I did like the idea of the plot. I would rate this for ages 10 and up.


Stand Strong

Another amazing book by Nick telling of the hardness of life and living in a world full of critical people calling themselves open minded.
He dives deep into feelings of loneliness and despair. How could anyone understand him or walk in his shoes when he has none?
Dont miss out on the the meaning, the man and the message this book is a great read for all ages…with a parent or without! It gives great ideas to talk with your children about.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is about the coming together of the big three(Batman,Superman, and Wonder Woman) and what brought them together. In my opinion I thought the movie was great except a couple parts being a little to dark or violent especially for batman being too violent with petty criminals. I would recommend this for ages 13 and up.

Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3 is about Po the Dragon Warrior and him finding out that to beat Kai a long dead general that came back from the spirit world stronger than ever he must become the Master of Chi and the only way to do that is to find the hidden village of the pandas. Which turns out his Father lives there! So he goes there and is learning to be a panda when Tigress shows up hurt from battle with Kai, and she is the only one left, so now Po must teach a village of pandas Kung Fu (which they know nothing about) and turn them into an army…. I recommend this for all ages

Hotel Transylvania 2

Hotel Transylvania 2 was a great movie and well thought out. Hotel Transylvania 2 is about Mavis and Johnny having a baby named Dennis, and they think he is not a monster so the whole movie is about Drac and his buddies trying to get Dennis to sprout his first fangs while Mavis and Johnny are away in California looking for a place to move.Through this Dennis is having his birthday party and Mavis invites her Grandfather Vlad to his party, and Vlad is a very old fashioned vampire and believes humans are bad….wait till he finds out his Great Grandson is one…. I recommend this for 4 ages and up.

McFarland USA

McFarland USA is based off a true story about a group of immigrant kids in California who have been working and picking in the fields since they were 10. One day a football coach gets fired for  harassing his players (It wasn’t on purpose.) so he packs up his family and moves to McFarland where he gets a job as the co-football coach and Life Science teacher. On his first day he gets fired from football coach so he starts up a Cross Country team and finds 7 kids……. Well you need to watch the rest.

Score! Hero

Score! Hero is free on the app store and is made by First Touch Games. Now this game may not have good graphics but it is super fun to play. When you start the game you get an option to customize your Hero. To start the season you start out at a lower premier league team and slowly move up the ranks you even might get high up to Real Madrid or Barcelona. I think this game is worth a rating of 5 stars.

Vs. Racing

Vs. Racing is a free game on the app store and is super fun. What you do is you have two modes single player of multiplayer and you can upgrade your car and buy new one. You also can get cool things like neon lights and colored tire tracks.