Stand Strong

Another amazing book by Nick telling of the hardness of life and living in a world full of critical people calling themselves open minded.
He dives deep into feelings of loneliness and despair. How could anyone understand him or walk in his shoes when he has none?
Dont miss out on the the meaning, the man and the message this book is a great read for all ages…with a parent or without! It gives great ideas to talk with your children about.


More Apps

Some more cool apps I found since Hurricane Sandy and being stuck inside with no power: Jet Pack Joyride it’s free! Aerox you get to be a ball and go thru and obstacle course…that’s free too. Another one is Granny Smith, it’s a granny racing a robber from stealing her Granny Smith Apples. Formula C Cartoon Network is a racing game you get to pick your car and be anyone on Cartoon Network….Regular show or Ben 10. And one App my Mom likes is PocketBooth you get to take photos like in a photo booth when she was little.