Mean Dads For A Better America by Tom Shillue

Mean Dads For A Better America is about how Mean Dads are better for Americas future generations, the author Tom Shillue brings up this point by sharing stories from his childhood, showing that by his dad by being meaner made him into a better man. A must read for ages 13 and up, Some profanity and inappropriate topics for children.


The Fingerprint of God by Hugh Ross

The ¬†Fingerprint of God is a very scientific book about how the universe and earth was created and how the evidence proves that there is a God and how scientifically you can’t deny it, really intriguing book. recommended for ages 12 and up

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile just came out with an update for 2017/18 season and I have to say it is amazing! They sorted all the game options onto one page and now its super easy to find everything and not confusing at all. Definitely a must have app.